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We would like to show you how I.A.A. Airtreatment B.V can be of service to you and your company. Look at the following photographs, short descriptions of projects and explanation of various activities.    
Based on 20 years of experience in the field of airtreatment and with our enthusiastic approach we are a good alternative to other larger companies.
If you, as decision maker are in need of a partner, who is prepared to work with you, contact us.
We will convince you.

Air technology
There is a lack of medium sized companies that have enough allround and detailed knowledge of industrial air treatment technology
We are experienced in many aspects of industrial air treatment such as cooling and refrigeration techniques, ‘physical’ and chemical drying techniques,oxidizing of polluted air, heat and oven and control technology.

Process and Application Technology
At client’s request we widened our scope of supply.
As a result of we are able to design, manufacture and install production lines for a wide variety of products, for example completely automated booths for spray painting, coating and powder coating of metal and plastic parts as well as climatized booths built to high specifications.

Environmental Technology
The environmental impact of our products is of increasing importance to us. We try our utmost to find the best solution for the health and safety of the workforce and environment while keeping the most financially viable solution in mind.
Whether it concerns welding fumes or solvents, we use the latest techniques available to achieve the best results at minimal energy input.
We carry out projects in the Netherlands and abroad, which has to date included Singapore, China and Indonesia. Our clients include large ‘continuous processing’ companies who demand high quality and absolute reliability.

We will design innovative solutions to meet our clients’ business requirements and deliver only the highest quality of service.